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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the exciting new American artificial turf brand: ScanTurf. The concept of quality landscape artificial turf isn't new - but certainly isn't well known either. In fact, many people immediately think of either athletic fields or the short, thin, green rugs that somehow pass as artificial grass. That is not ScanTurf.

Did you know that artificial grass is an attainable alternative to natural grass for homeowners? Imagine never mowing again, turning off your irrigation forever and eliminating all fertilizers. ScanTurf offers a low-maintenance landscape solution that is designed to elevate your lifestyle (and may even increase your home value!) Unlike athletic turf, which is all about utility, we are able to provide a product that is not just quality, but also aesthetically beautiful. Our product is built to look good and feel good on any residential or commercial property.

Is your home ready for ScanTurf? Now is the time! Request a quote or more information and let's get started!


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Why Scanturf?

ScanTurf, the synthetic grass you have to feel to believe! Our mission is to elevate  lifestyles with our low maintenance landscape solution. Are you ready to take your property to the next level with synthetic grass?


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