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Born in the southern tip of Norway - a nation known for innovation and modern lifestyle - ScanTurf began like many successful businesses do: with a simple dream. The idea was to take quality artificial turf products and make them accessible to the average residential or commercial consumer. Less than two years later, ScanTurf has installed more than 5 million ft2 in the Nordic region. Even with a national population smaller than Atlanta, GA, ScanTurf Norway was truly a success story and continues to grow today throughout Scandinavia.


But with so much success in such a small country - there was a widely held desire that a new frontier should be explored. It was quite obvious that the United States just made sense with its varying climates, unique markets and affluent economy. In 2018, ScanTurf Franchise, Inc was officially incorporated as an American franchise opportunity.


Though overseen by its Norwegian counterpart, ScanTurf Franchise, Inc. operates independently and sources premium product made in the USA. As the brand continues to grow through the United States, it remains true to its roots: Scandinavian Inspired. American Made.

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ScanTurf, the synthetic grass you have to feel to believe! Our mission is to elevate  lifestyles with our low maintenance landscape solution. Are you ready to take your property to the next level with synthetic grass?


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