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At ScanTurf, we strive to provide a truly turnkey experience. Once we receive a request-for-quote, someone from the ScanTurf team will arrange a visit to the project site to assess the scope of work and what is necessary and preferred. Additionally, we will provide samples to select the type of artificial turf the customer would like to have. Overall project scope is determined by 3 variables: Product, Size of Project, and amount of Groundwork necessary.


Select from several great products ranging in color, texture and density. We offer several ScanTurf Standard products, although we are able to source a variety of others upon request. Depending on your needs, our team will help you select the artificial turf that is right for you! See all products.


Before installation can take place, we need to prepare your site. Different sites have different needs so each prep is unique. The general idea is to create a surface that is level and porous so that drainage can be most effective. There may be some legacy sod removal that is necessary, or a simple grading job. We’ll take care of everything as a part of your costs.


Once the site has been prepared, our installation team is able to come in and begin the transformation. This includes laying and anchoring the turf with an invisible layer of sand and a high-grade adhesive. Depending on size, obstacles, and other variables, installation can take as little as a few hours to a few days. At any given moment, you’re just a short while away from enjoying a beautiful artificial lawn


We offer great payment plans, including third-party financing. Ask your representative for more information.

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