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At ScanTurf, we hold our artificial turf to an incredibly high standard. For this reason, we deal with only the most quality manufacturers. All product that we source is heavily  scrutinized from the chemical composition of the yarn to the quality and density of tufting. As a result, ScanTurf provides some of the highest quality artificial turf the US market has ever seen.

There is nothing astro about our artificial turf. For too long the United States has fallen into the misconception that artificial turf is limited to existing under stadium lights. Enter: ScanTurf. Our product is produced to imitate both the look and feel of natural grass making it ideal for residential and commercial landscaping. With lush green pyles and a softness fit for a spring picnic, you’ll have to feel it to believe it!

ScanTurf offers multiple products that are made especially for your furry friends, though most of our artificial turf is pet-proof.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that turfing your property is a great way to improve curb appeal. But did you know the effect it could have on resale value? Many studies show that upscale landscaping can add significant value to your home - most experts say as much as 12-15%!

Say goodbye to costly irrigation systems and eliminate the need for potentially harmful lawn fertilizers. But perhaps best of all - throw that mower away! Enjoy a low maintenance yard that your neighbors will envy.

All of ScanTurf’s products come with a healthy manufacturer’s warranty - though the vast majority of ScanTurf products last well beyond the warranty.


Applications for artificial turf are virtually unlimited. Below are some of the most common uses:

  • Gardens and parks

  • Roof terraces, verandas and balconies

  • Pool areas, boats, caravans and campers

  • Schools, children’s centers and local area facilities


Frequently asked questions

Why choose an artificial turf lawn?

When installed properly with quality product, artificial grass can provide a beautiful lawn that is low-maintenance when compared to natural grass. Its benefits have earned it the status of a proven alternative to natural lawns. Homeowners and commercial property owners alike can enjoy no longer needing to water, mow, fertilize, or use potentially harmful chemicals on their property.

Is ScanTurf pet friendly?

It sure is. With efficient drainage, durability and a realistic look and feel, pets will enjoy ScanTurf artificial turf as much as their owners! While all products we offer are suitable for pets, there are a few pet-specific products that are available. Ask your sales representative for more information.

Is ScanTurf safe for children?

Not only is ScanTurf safe for children, but it is also the ideal environment for outdoor play! Say goodbye to green stains, grass allergies and scraped knees. Muddy shoes? Say goodbye to those too! ScanTurf also offers a line of rubber padding that is available to add extra protection for play areas that might include jumping or fall risks.

Will ScanTurf fade over time?

ScanTurf has advanced UV resistance built right into each blade of grass. It is also tear- and shed-resistant. As a result, our manufacturers are confident in providing a 15-Year Warranty. Talk to your sales representative about insuring your project beyond the warranty!

Does ScanTurf drain well?

Drainage is a critical consideration for any climate. As a result, ScanTurf artificial turf has been manufactured to drain even better than natural grass. It begins with the site preparation, which includes 3 inches of pervious material below the actual artificial turf product. Most importantly, however, the artificial turf we install is perforated for optimal drainage.That being the case, there is a very low risk of any mildew or mold.

How hot does ScanTurf get?

Just like any surface, artificial turf will increase in temperature in direct and constant sunlight. However, unlike other hardscapes that absorb head (like pavements, rocks, etc), ScanTurf artificial turf has non-absorbent properties that slow down the increase of temperature. Even on the hottest day, our artificial turf is able to be cooled down quickly and effectively with a simple spritz of the hose.

What about bugs and critters that burrow?

ScanTurf artificial turf does not provide an organic habitat that is conducive to life for critters that tend to inhabit natural turf areas. Rabbits, gophers, flea and other lawn pests are simply not attracted to the sterile environment found in artificial turf.

Will weeds ever grow through ScanTurf?

Although it is impossible to completely eliminate the threat of weeds, part of our preparation process includes strong steps to inhibit organic growth making it a rarity.

How long does installation usually take?

Depending on the size and scope of the project, installation may take anywhere from one day to more than a week.

What kind of maintenance does ScanTurf require?

Other than cleaning the surface from time to time to rid organic materials like leaves, which can easily be done with a rake or a leaf blower, ScanTurf requires virtually no maintenance over its lifetime and is considered a low maintenance product.

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